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1000 mg
An organic dietary supplement for the management of Obesity, Cholesterol and Obese PCOD
  Composition: - Extracts of
  Garcinia cambogia


  Terminalia arjuna
  Vitex nigundo
  Tribulus terrestris
  Boerhavia diltuses
  Comiphora mukul
  Chitosan base

The WHO has raised alarm on Obesity as obesity is considered as the 3 rd largest health hazard in the world. Obesity and overweight will be the causative mechanism leading to Life style disorders like Diabetes, High cholesterol, Blood pressure, etc.

The major 3 factors leading to Obesity are

Dietary fats

Consumption of excess carbohydrates calories like rice, wheat etc.

Sedentary life style

Controlled diet and moderate exercise coupled with safe and effective anti obesity product is essential for slow but sustained weight reduction.

GARBION capsule control obesity effectively and safely in 3 ways.

1) Eliminates dietary fats by attracting and binding with fat particles of the diet and eliminates them from the system. This makes body to utilize the stored fat for energy resulting in depletion of fat and weight loss.

2) In our society one of the main reasons for obesity is the consumption of excess carbohydrate calorie and sedentary life style because excess carbohydrate calorie is finally converted and stored as fat only unless we burn the calorie by exercise or physical work. GARBION capsule retards the conversion and storage of excess carbohydrate calorie in to fat and cholesterol and divert excess calorie towards glycogen which results in early satiety. This helps to reverse the tendency for obesity.

3) Induces Thermogenesis.
Recommended Usage : 2 Capsules twice daily one hour before food for three to six months. (can be continued further for more weight reduction).
Presentation : 1000 mg hard Gelatin Capsules.

Pack : Food grade HDPE bottles of 10’s. 1 box contains 90 capsules.


capsule Offers

7 Benefits
Eliminates Dietary Fat and control Obesity
Eliminates Dietary Cholesterol
Retards conversion and storage of excess Carbohydrate Calorie into Fat & Cholesterol
Induces thermogenesis
Supplements minerals and trace elements
No CNS disturbance
 The use of Garbion Capsules for the last two years had reported the following results :
Most of the obese customers experienced weight reduction @ 3-4 Kgs. in forty-five days frequency. However it may take two months to initiate the weight reduction.
Experienced early satiety
Continous use of Garbion capsules for 24 months did not report any side effects.
Garbion capsules were well tolerated by the customers
Use of Garbion Capsules for six months seemed to produced average weight reduction of 10 Kgs
Consumption of Alcohol while using Garbion Capsules found to delay the results
Mild to moderate exercise, dieting enhanced the results


HIGH CHOLESTEROL, a life style disorder is mainly due to increased fat mobilization (lipolysis) and decreased fat utilization, both increase circulatory fatty acid and cause insulin resistance.

Cholesterol is not the etiology for heart disease. It is the over consumption of food and oxidation of LDL cholesterol , that are more likely to cause hyperinsulimia and fatty deposition. Diet contains substantial amount of cholesterol derived from animal fat.

Garbion Capsules works as an effective supportive therapy for controlling Cholesterol and Obesity together in 5 ways;
Eliminates dietary cholesterol by attracting and binding with the fat particles of the diet and eliminates them from the system results in weight reduction.
Inhibits Citrate clevage enzyme (ATP Citrate Lyase) there by reduces the availability of Acetyl co A which helps to minimize the dosage of drugs like Statins which in turn helps to minimize the side effects of Statins.
NB : Garbion capsule is not a substitute to Statins.
Control Triglycerides
Strengthens cardiac muscles (extracts of Terminalia arjuna)
Very safe and no CNS side effects.
Dosage : 2 Garbion cap early morning before food for 3 to 6 months.


PCOD is a life style disorder , a process related to the overy’s failure to release an egg (ovum). PCOD is one of the most frequent causes of female infertility. Symptoms may include various menstrel problems, hirutism(excessive body or facial hair), acne, obesity , infertility and diabetes with insulin resistance.

First line management of Obese PCOD include:-
Garbion capsule fulfils most of these parameters for the first line management of Obese P.C.O.D.

Diet modification and weight reduction

Control intake of excess carbohydrates

Brings down the level of Cholesterol

Reduce the level of Homocystiene

Takes care of insulin resistance.

Dosage: 2 Garbion capsule in early morning and 2 capsule in the evening for 3 to 6 months

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